Internet Identity Roadmap Update, October 2022

Hi everyone! New month, new roadmap update.

A lot has happened since our last update, although this beautiful diagram didn’t change much:

As planned last month, a lot of visual changes landed, but a lot happened behind the scenes as well:

  • We’ve updated some infrastructure to make design changes easier to introduce and review
  • The archive (ex-logging) canister is coming along nicely, which will help us get some insight into anchor operations and help with support requests
  • We’ve done a bunch of usability testing which (along with the contest contributions from the community) will help us make II more useful

Unfortunately we did not get to do much planning for the domain migration, or finalizing the canister subnet migration, though we hope to be able to do this in October. We’ll also be focusing a little less on the actual design of II and instead try to work on the UX and authentication flows, to make create creation simpler and more accessible, and authentication more ergonomic. We’re also thinking a bit about how to position II in the ecosystem; more about this soon.

Have a great month everyone!


I really like this idea. Thank you for continuing to make it more accessible. To me, this will be detrimental to getting average end-users on board.

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Really glad to see my suggestion about visual description and congratulations :tada: on smooth and flawless roadmap.