Internet Identity Subnet Migration on October 26

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TLDR: Internet Identity will undergo maintenance on October 26 and will not be available for a short period of time. We are making an extra effort to keep the downtime as short as possible.

As previously shown in our roadmap updates, we are moving Internet Identity to a new subnet. Now we have finally implemented all the steps of the process and are ready to execute. We will migrate Internet Identity to its new home on October 26.

We are doing this for the following reasons:

  • Scalability: in order to meet the growing demand of the ecosystem for NNS hosted applications, we are distributing them to different subnets.
  • Publishing of NNS blocks: to increase transparency, we want to start publishing the NNS blocks. Since some messages to Internet Identity contain sensitive information, we are separating Internet Identity into a different subnet to ensure that these messages remain private.

Roughly speaking, the migration will go through the following steps:

  1. Upgrading Internet Identity to a maintenance version: This will block new registrations and modifications of existing anchors. It will still possible to login into other applications.
  2. Stopping Internet Identity canister: Internet Identity will not be available as long as the canister is stopped.
  3. Restarting Internet Identity on the new subnet: This will restart the Internet Identity canister on the new subnet. The maintenance version will still be active, thus only logins to third party applications are possible. Registrations and anchor modifications are still blocked.
  4. Upgrading Internet Identity to a regular production release: This will restore all functionality of Internet Identity and complete the migration.

Internet Identity will keep the existing canister id rdmx6-jaaaa-aaaaa-aaadq-cai and the URL No action is required by users or developers.

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Will this enhance speed of login in any way?


short term means how long

Unfortunately not. But it will ensure, that in the short-term it won’t get slower. :slight_smile:
And we are working on further improvements (mainly caching support), that will significantly speed up the login process.


The expected downtime is a few hours. We will keep this thread updated once the migration starts.


What does it mean - “publishing the NNS blocks”?
Is there any place with additional info?

Will the NNS still be available if internet identity is down?

Best I could find is here. I’ll see if I can get that properly addressed over at the Roadmap: Roadmap

Will the NNS still be available if internet identity is down?

Yes, only the Internet Identity canister is affected.

Today, we are training the II migration on the mainnet with a dummy canister (y2aaj-miaaa-aaaad-aacxq-cai). This canister will be migrated from the subnet io67a-2jmkw-zup3h-snbwi-g6a5n-rm5dn-b6png-lvdpl-nqnto-yih6l-gqe to subnet snjp4-xlbw4-mnbog-ddwy6-6ckfd-2w5a2-eipqo-7l436-pxqkh-l6fuv-vae.

Given that we are migrating on mainnet, there will be some proposals submitted today to migrate that particular canister. These proposal will be clearly marked as related to this test migration and will link to this thread.


The migration has now officially started. When accepted, Proposal 88384 will put Internet Identity in maintenance mode.


Internet Identity was migrated successfully!

We have upgraded Internet Identity to a regular release again in proposal 88434. All functionality has been restored.


Recently, I feel the processing of Internet Identity is faster than before.
What is the reason? Is II subnet migration relevant for this?

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Comparing the two subnets:

0.7 is a 15-40% improvement over the 0.5-0.6 in the previous subnet, so I would expect the difference to be noticeable


Based on my observation, is the blocks/s linearly decremental to number of nodes. Basically, I noticed more nodes leads to slower block production

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