Proposal 88790 to update Internet Identity: new frontpage!

Hi all!

We’ve just submitted a proposal to upgrade Internet Identity. This is the first of three steps to overhaul the frontpage of Internet Identity.

In particular we:

  • made it easier for newcomers to figure out what to do (i.e. “Claim an Anchor”),
  • added some basic text explaining what anchors are for (interacting with apps on the IC, but more text to come soon) and
  • moved buttons like “Recover anchor” and “Add device” closer to the whole “enter anchor” section (because it just makes much more sense).

Next we’ll update the anchor input field, and the third step will be to make better use of all that space in the frontpage will explanatory text and cool graphics. Stay tuned!


Hope your team changes the purple button to something more cosmic / sleek

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Give us a few weeks to get usability issues out of the way and we’ll go full cosmic


Just to provide a different perspective on the UI.
“Claim an anchor” is not clear for a new user about what that is? I think you know this because there is two lines of text to explain it, but it still is ambiguous about what an Anchor actually is, Users coming from web 2 will better understand “Register” or “Sign up” *even though these terms may not be fitting for a crypto registration - a new user doesn’t care. They will understand “Register” better than claim an anchor - web 2 doesn’t have “claim an email address” and Metamask doesn’t have “Claim a wallet”

“Add this device” and “Recover anchor” are underlined to indicate clickable but “About” and “FAQ” are not? are they clickable then? it needs to be one or the other type of styling, preferably buttons are best but consistency is needed in whats clickable:

These are just a couple of notes i spotted to try an ease learning curve to new users as any new terminology is a new term the user must learn to interact with the UI


We know :slightly_frowning_face: We’re working hard on the copy and will update this soon. We’re trying to balance internal Web3-oriented guidelines and Web 2.0 expectations. The new text should be out in a couple of weeks

We’re in the process of moving them! We’re taking inspiration from some of the recent contest’s feedback, let us know what you think:


Since internet identity can be used for web2 apps too, can it be “interracting with apps” instead of interacting with apps on the ic"?

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That’s correct, II can be used for web2 apps!

But we have absolutely no documentation on how to do that properly, so we don’t want to advertise it too much yet. We’ll update as soon as we’ve had time to come up with and document some good flows.

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Sounds good glad its on your radar. I am just thinking how to simplify II terminology as a few people I have shown IRL are confused a lot by it when setting up, where as email registration makes a lot of sense for them. So to make it as similar to that would be great as I really like II.

And I do like the proposed design of the “about” and “FAQ” clickable options at the bottom grouped together - its more clear.

What also might be worth thinking about is how II works for the user and can we explain that to them quickly? Currently I believe most use it with a biometric device? perhaps it would be good to say that on the screen somewhere like “sign in with FaceID or finger print”(saying biometric is a little too scary I personally think of some sci-fi log in hearing biometric).

What do you guys think?


I think we should use that sky blue found in the ICP logo instead of purple. This better represents ICP as brand

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Looks good and better than before

Instead of ‘claim an identity anchor, perhaps it could be just ‘claim an identity’? And Enter Identity’ and ‘Recover Identity’?

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Dear Team,

Hope you all the IC’ssss are doing well

Your suggestion look nice but i suggest earlier one is good there is no need to change it.

All the thing are available for what you want to do with internet identity.
(New, Already have an anchor, Lost access)

If it gonna change then it make even more complicated.

Its my suggestion and request please do not change it.

Yeah…i think you need change it to something that is understandable, i thought it’s a link to connect to Anchor wallet, which i don’t use.

Actually we’re going to change this page a lot. We’re going to add text explaining what Internet Identity is. All the buttons and actions you see there will move to a different page. Does that work for you?

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Where you are going to add text?

And friend when i am reviewing the current one is absolutely okay and my suggestionsis that the change is not required

When sleek cosmic design :wink:

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Most likely on the page that you land on when you visit for the first time (upon returning you’ll be taken directly to login to manage your anchor).

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Not for the first time

This is when, you revisit to the internet identity