Hello Dfinity Team,
I hope this message finds you all well. I recently won an auction for the domain name I’m considering selling it and I’d like to give Dfinity the opportunity to purchase it before I list it for a public auction. Would you be able to help me get in touch with Dominic Williams to see if he would be interested in purchasing it? Thanks.


Hi there.

Diego from DFINITY team here.

I will DM you as well but thought I’d reply publicly first for transparency. Yes, we’d be interested in learning more. I’ll DM you to coordinate something.


Hi @diegop,

As ICP_France : the community who had decided to translate all the Dfinity’s publications (medium, Twitter, etc.), we also had purchased the domain internetcomputer . fr (we can’t post link, but all the letters are obviously not separated) months ago.

As we won’t do the translation, since Dfinity is finally not interested in our translations, we don’t need the domain anymore.

That said, we have been contacted about this domain 2 months ago, but we had planned to reach Dfinity before accepting it, since we still love ICP and still are massively invested in it and did not want to take the chance Dfinity spend as much to get the domain or Dfinity missed it if it was not your team who had reached us. Was this from your department ?

Anyway, would you be interested in getting this domain ? If it is not you and you are not interested in getting it, please let us know in order to let us take this recurrent offer.



No, not my team. I want to be helpful. I can ask if there is interest.

To be clear, are you asking if we are interested in community making translations? totally are. I dont recall anyone asking me, but I have generally been supportive of this.

You’ve definitely always been supporting and responsive Diego, and our discussions with you on Twitter by DM have always been very cordial. We mean we just did not receive any support for our posts from Dfinity itself, since our multiple translations were not retweeted, commented or even liked. It was like if we were doing nothing : none feedback. Then, we decided to stop, not only because the translator is an academic fellow and wait for at least a feedback for the work done for free, but mostly because we saw this absence of feedback like disapproval of Dfinity, and we were not wanting to embarrass Dfinity of course. This is why we won’t need the domain anymore.

The France intends to become the hub of the crypto in Europe : Binance, Coinbase and now FTX settled their headquarters in Paris, so we would not be surprise that the offer comes from an exchange…

Thanks for you answer

Yes please. Like this we will know if we can accept the other transaction :pray:

Here is the handle on twitter : icp_france, with which one we had several conversations with you by DM. We just poked you there to recall you what we talk about.

And we had also created a medium ICPFrance. It is what we are saying, we were not seen :upside_down_face:.

Anyway, tell me ASAP about the domain, to allow us to sell it ASAP if you are not interested.

From an outsider perspective it’s too early to start asking for payment.

How successful was your site?
How many people visited the domain? Why are you willing to abandon the domain?

It’s less about dfinity and more about the community you provide services to.

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Hey, thank you for your message @JxBrian,

We don’t ask any payment : we got an offer for the domain a couple of months ago, we just did not accept it yet, because we wanted to clarify who was this and if Dfinity was interested. We deduct they are not.

The site and the domain have never been developed, since the multiple translations we did never received any support from Dfinity when we posted our medium translations on twitter. So it was making no sense to develop them whereas even our twitter and our medium were not supported by Dfinity : indeed, having to develop a website from zero (from an audience perspective), whereas we were offering translations directly related to Dfinity and for Dfinity was absurd.

This is why we want to abandon the domain :
1/ by not receiving any support from Dfinity, we deducted Dfinity was not confortable with our work and preferred to stop going on.
2/ the translations were made for free, which is fine since we wanted to help the ecosystem in our way, but not even receiving any kind of support whereas it was costing us energy and time for us and specifically for the translator who is an academic fellow, was definitely out of the question

Totally, but as we were offering translations of Dfinity publications for the French public, Dfinity should have made sound about these translations in order to let the French community knows about it and spread the word, but they did not. They were probably not confortable with these translations, which is totally fine, even if strange since they were done by a grammarian fellow, but it is ok.

I hope I have made ourselves clear ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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