DFINITY Education Meetup + New edX Courses

What did you struggle with when you first joined the community? What resources did you find most useful? Come to our weekly online meeting, occurring every Monday @ 12:00 PT, and help us (the DFINITY Education Fellows) shape the way future students will first interact with the IC!

We’re hosting these sessions to help community members learn more about DFINITY Education initiatives, provide feedback for our courses, and discuss common pain points in getting started with all things IC.

Additionally, DFINITY Education is excited to announce we’ve begun work on four new courses, each of which will be hosted on edX, to help introduce students to the Internet Computer. These courses, made with both technical and non-technical students in mind, assume no prior knowledge of the IC or Motoko and are organized as follows:

Course 1: Understanding the Internet Computer

  • A high-level overview of the platform (semi-technical)

Course 2: A Dive into Motoko & Next Gen Programming on the Internet Computer

  • Aimed at bridging the gap for continuing Ed Devs (highly technical)

Course 3: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Applications on the Internet Computer

  • Helps Entrepreneurs understand tokenized applications and potential business models (semi-technical)

Course 4: Building Enterprise Systems on the Internet Computer

  • Details how current microservice solutions can be structured and built on the IC (highly technical)

We hope to see you at our weekly discussion!

Connor, @rkotni , and @Nat8aliya


Are the courses still being worked on? Any ETA?

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Yes, we’re in the process of working through Course 1: Understanding the Internet Computer, which we hope to release on edX by the end of this fall. We’ll continue to post updates with our progress on the forum!


Great initiative! I just came to know about it. Any updates? Personally, I think EDX is a great choice to deliver those courses!

Is Course 1 out yet? If so, please can you post the link.

Thank you!

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Any updates? I’m curious about this project.