Incorporating more community tooling, SDKs, repos into IC docs


We want to add more community tooling, SDK, agents into the documentation. Make a PR to add a project.


One of the things my team has been working on is improving websites and documentation. One of the things on that list is doing a better job of incorporating community SDKs, tooling, etc…

As a first step, we restructured developer documentation to make it much easier for people to add their own language SDKs into the documentation. We restructured Agents and SDKs so that community can add more languages and tooling. To give a concrete example:, Demergent labs can add Azle (and subsequent tutorials) for TypeScript.

How to add an SDK or Agent

Make a pull request in the docs!

Since this is a first step, my only ask is that folks please keep PRs about adding tooling and tutorials to this section for now while patterns emerge.

Other places where community can repos, tools, etc…

There are other places that also exist, including the IC wiki:

As an example, I added multiple community tools for ICP custody:


If anyone makes a PR, please also ping thread in case I miss the PR


@diegop Here’s the PR for Azle! Add initial documentation on Azle by lastmjs · Pull Request #460 · dfinity/portal · GitHub

Thanks for the ping @lastmjs , I just approved! Need an approval from another CODEOWNER (from SDK since it touches their parts), but i expect it should be merged and deployed soon.

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