Improvement suggestions for NNS UI

For example, I only focus on ic and icpswap SNSs, and when I want to vote, I need to scroll several pages and find icpswap. Most of the SNS I don’t need to care about. This problem isn’t just with voting page, the Neuron Stacking page has the same problem.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to show the SNSs that the user has joined by default, and then leave a discovery page for the user to find unjoined SNSs as needed?

I think with the increasing number of SNSs nowadays, improvements are necessary.


The UI in the NNS should have more of a Institutional ‘look & feel’. Navigation, sorting, Search and other Enterprise attributes

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Hey there! Thanks a lot for the feedback! We have two items on our roadmap that I think should address these issues.

New neurons table view where you can filter out all projects where you have 0 neurons:

Actionable proposals tab that groups all proposals by SNS where you can still vote:

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A simple filter feature should be added to fix that issue. Like one that says “show only SNS that I can vote on” or something along those lines.

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