Icx-proxy forward local asset canister

Hi there,

for testing and learning I want forward a static website, an asset canister, to be accessible via http://localhost:8080 e.g and not over http://localhost:4943/?canisterId=bkyz2-fmaaa-aaaaa-qaaaq-cai on the local replica.

Is there a way to use the icx-proxy to forward a call from localhost:8080 to an asset canister http://localhost:4943/?canisterId=bkyz2-fmaaa-aaaaa-qaaaq-cai ?

Thanks for any help.

Finally I found a solution:

Start this command after dfx start --clean

sudo $(dfx cache show)/icx-proxy --fetch-root-key --debug --address --dns-alias --replica http://localhost:4943 -v -v

In this case i can test my local website with instead of http://localhost:4943/?canisterId=bkyz2-fmaaa-aaaaa-qaaaq-cai