Forward local network to public


I started a local network with:

dfx start --host

If I forward this port to public internet, and the domain is and I run dfx deploy --network, but the deploy output is:

Deployed canisters.
  Frontend canister via browser
  Backend canister via Candid interface:

Obviously, the link cannot open,

What should I do to solve this problem?

If you register a catch-all DNS record pointing to the same IP, those links should work as is. Or you could use the alternate form of the link: instead of <id>.your.replica, your.replica/?canisterId=<id>.

this is very interesting!!!
so your dev env. DApp could be available on the regular old internet
and with http(s) out calls from IC it could be linked to a canister on ic. ???

Visiting your.replica/?canisterId=<id> is ok, but is it possible to change the url to correct one?

Yes, we are building a online IDE, we provide a dfx docker container, so you can deploy and interact. If you are interested, you can visit

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to change the URL that it displays on the command line? No. Why not set up that record? It will increase ergonomics a bunch.