ICSNS Proposal Copying an existing decentralized project?

So I was perusing ICLightHouse sns proposal page and proposal ID #43 caught my eye.

And it seems the this ICPCoin.com concept in the proposal is a direct copy of a charting suite (canister ID es3he-kyaaa-aaaah-abzna-cai) project that was launched in January and has been in development but road blocked by dexs not sharing APIs for live price action.

While I appreciate people building on the ic, what concerns me is if this particular project will receive assistance from Dfinity or maybe even access to certain subnets.
It would be a shame if an sns proposal project would gain “over the top” access to token information in real time that developers whom don’t associate with sns cannot get. I only bring this up because of the current thread about ckbtc and kyt processing through toniq (ckBTC and KYT Compliance - #173 by theguy) and how there seems to be some differing opinions on a single project receiving coordination w core team.

in order for the network and community to gain usage it should be of the uptmost import that the network providers create a level playing field for all projects and not pick and choose who can or cannot succeed.
I would love to here some opinions on this.