SNS proposal's submit

Can I create and submit a proposal for SNS from NNS?
I am looking into it, but I don’t know where to create & submit them.

Do you mean from I don’t think it’s possible at the moment

Yes it is. I may have asked the wrong question.
Is it possible for SNS’ token holders to submit with a proposal? Any site is acceptable.

You will have to change the governance canister ID to the SNS you want. (You can find it in the


Thank you.
I was a little surprised, because we can’t do proposals with GUI yet.

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I tried the proposal for Knic with Blast that you gave me, and I get the following error:

arg0.start_page_at.(opt).id (missing)

I have specified the Kinic Governance Canister(74ncn-fqaaa-aaaaq-aaasa-cai) and the call in the dashboard list_neurons method is also successful. I just don’t know what this start_page_at is.

There were changes in icblast.
Most of the Blasts are fixed, but it looks like this one didn’t get the treatment.

Optional values that were [] before - now you just leave them undefined.
I will edit it for you, but I can’t test it unless I make a proposal. Leaving that to you.