ICRC1 Integration Questions

  1. Is it necessary to use ic-icrc1-ledger.wasm to integrate the ICRC1 token standard?
    Reference: Internet Computer Loading

  2. In addition to using the wasm method, can I also use the motoko programming method? Are the end results exactly the same?
    Motoko reference: GitHub - NatLabs/icrc1: A full implementation of the ICRC-1 fungible token standard

  3. In the end, it will be integrated into the SNS interface and opened for browsing. Is it possible to use motoko programming?
    SNS DAOs - IC Dashboard

No, you are not bound to a certain implementation - you can use whatever you want as long as the interface is correct.

Yes, you can use Motoko. It depends on what exactly you call the end result. If you want the same behaviour, then any implementation that observes the standard will behave close enough to call it the same result.

SNSs all use the same wasm, but any other ICRC-1-compatible explorer will be able to list it

ic-icrc1-ledger.wasm archive canister
How much is the capacity? ExperimentalStableMemory storage is used in the motoko example project, with a capacity of up to 32GiB

It uses up to however much memory you tell it to according to the init arguments