[HELP]Guide to create own ICRC-1 token

hello, has anyone implemented the icrc-1 token standard to create their own token? can anyone share the code logic for that or guide me to create the token, also explain me some of the topic while implementing the function’s logic?
I would prefer the code in rust but I’m okay with motoko example too.

DFINITY implementation of the ICRC-1 token standard in rust can be found here. You can start from main.rs which contains the endpoints and then navigate the code from there.

This particular implementation of the ICRC-1 standard uses archive nodes to store the ledger and keeps balanced in memory.

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Motoko icrc-1 will likely be on the next set of bounties, but I need some time to get them written up. A simple implementation should be really straightforward.


Copying and pasting the whole code will work?
or I have to modify it?
also after eth integration, I’ll be working with erc20 tokens with ICRC-1 token standard? or there will be a different standard to work with them?

cool, make sure to share the code when you complete it🙂

What do you exactly want to do? Do you want to deploy your own token to e.g. a local network or do you want to study and modify the code?

both. deploy my own token as well as study and modify the code

For the code you can have a look at the source code of the Ledger. You can extract it if you want and know Cargo well enough to point back to the ic repository.

For deploying, have a look at this guide. Note that the both the Ledger and the guide are still WIP but it should give you an idea of how to deploy a Token.