Icpcoins listing requirements

We keep getting asked what it takes to get listed on icpcoins.com

Disclaimer: The site is maintained by us - independent from any other IC organization.

Listing a coin costs us resources. Nobody has ever paid for a listing. We can’t just list everything even if we could, because any token can be on top by trading 0.1% while keeping 99.9% stashed away.

So far it was common sense, but here is an attempt to explain it.
A project goes through this check and if it gathers a lot of minus points it’s a - No. SNSes provide a lot of guarantees and don’t require anyone to check these manually, so they quickly pass. If you get an SNS through the list you will see it will get a maximum of -5 points.

Listing a token is not an endorsement. The listing doesn’t mean we have audited it.

To get listed faster, take this questionnaire, answer it in a forum post, and provide screenshots & links.
If you have any ideas & suggestions on how to improve let us know.


Dragginz gets -7. I think you need to have a positive score it’s easier to read.


Thank you for this topic, it’s very useful ! :pray: :pray: :fire:

Btw any plans on getting (the site and new coins acceptance process) decentralized and funded ?

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Yes, the work on making it 100% on-chain is almost done.

Sneak peek of upcoming release


Good idea, thanks.

The point system - not sure about it. Maybe it should be just used to self-evaluate.
Obviously, if developers are still directly controlling a ledger it won’t matter if it’s in a fiduciary subnet or not.


Any plans to list token prices against ICP (in addition to USD)?

Yes, done already. Coming in the next release


This is looking great

Would it pe possible to add top 100 wallets of the token and the amount change in 1d,7d and 30d

Interesting idea, but what stops some of the top wallets from sending to other wallets they also own? They can manipulate that chart easily. It’s almost impossible to make an accurate map and know who owns what because holders can get their tokens through other canisters like DEXs which have their own transaction history. We will have to ‘speak’ all possible canister interfaces on the IC. Even then there are probably ways to lose the trail. The closest to doing something like this is 221Bravo

Your team’s work is great. Thanks for developing such a platform