Another potential token standard for the IC

I have uploaded a spec for a basic fungible token standard along with my rationale. I know a few standards have been approved, but this one does differ to a lot of the existing proposed standards in a number of ways (e.g. we use the AccountIdentifier as our token “addresses” as opposed to just the Principal).

A lot of what we are working on relies on a token standard (DEX, wrapped tokens, atomic bridges, token wallets etc), and we are hesitant to push too hard with development when there’s no real consensus on what a token standard could look like. I am a supporter of a broader multi-token standard like erc1155 (e.g. I have contributed to this one) however I think this needs to be fleshed out a bit more.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on what a basic (erc20-like) token standard should look like and/or contain?

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That looks awesome you should add your proposal here GitHub - OpenCan-io/opencan