I wrote an article in which I describe a specific incentive structure that allows us to build platforms vastly cheaper and faster. I would love to get your feedback on it

Article: 50 Million Partners

The concept I describe is not an entirely new thing. It is rather that I tried to think through what the logical conclusion is of our ability to scale global, credible, promises and to have vast amounts of data on-chain. The article is not about specific dapps but rather about how we can use the properties of the IC to leverage entrepreneurial efforts more effectively to build large platforms.

Some key arguments:

  • We can reward entrepreneurs that bootstrap local use-cases much more credible than before.

  • The fact that we can do so globally, increases everyone’s expectations that the platform will succeed which makes it more attractive for entrepreneurs to bootstrap local use-cases in the first place. If there are enough of these use-cases, increasing expectations can lead to more entrepreneurs’ contributions. This alone can be enough to bootstrap the entire platform.

  • To achieve the above, we need to give entrepreneurs the ability to monetize and even monopolize a part of our platform. I think consciously allowing entrepreneurs to do so, could unlock a lot of value.

  • Entrepreneurs could even allow further entrepreneurs within their use-case to monetize and monopolize even smaller parts of the platform. Contribution incentives would therefore scale by becoming more heterogenous and targeted.

  • Entrepreneurs could further add to the value created by building further services for the local users specifically (I don’t mean physically local). This would result in vast ecosystems containing nested structures of entrepreneurial activity organized in DAOs.

I hope the idea makes sense and inspires someone.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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