I am puzzled and have done this many times

Login to my voting account.
Vote on Proposals
Show only proposals you can still vote on - Unchecked

Checked Nothing to vote On! Right?

Go back to the IC Dashboard Governance

3 Voting Proposals showing so I select each one and check the voting.

So I can vote and check the Adopt value

Next proposal

After vote

Next Proposal

After vote


Thanks for reporting!

We’ll take a look at it!

Did you notice that you don’t have all the “Topics” selected?

Could it be that those open proposals are in another topic?


You could also check your neuron’s votes here, as a sanity check (add the neuron id in the box at the bottom left):

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I didn’t notice the topics not all being selected but selecting the Neurons drop down it seems I have voted through following but still able to vote only once again.

Maybe I have it wrong but I will take notice in the future.

The neurons dropdown in the Proposal page?

Do you have multiple neurons? Maybe you have voted with some but not others?

I believe that it might take some time until the following is set as voted. I’ll ask the team.


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Only 1 neuron with the 628 votes

Setting the following happens immediately, but it could be that the neuron that is being followed has voted before the following relationship has been set in which case your neuron will not vote.

Additionally, when a neuron votes, all of its followers will vote within the same message if the correct conditions are met so it could be that the neuron being followed hasn’t voted yet, or the correct conditions have not been met yet. These conditions mostly relate to reaching quorum with who you follow. Here is an example: if you have Neuron (A) and it follows 3 different neurons (B) (C) (D), at least 51% quorum must be achieved before (A) casts its vote.

Sequence of events:

  1. A proposal is submitted
  2. Neuron (B) votes No. Neuron (A) does not vote. 33% No in (A)'s following
  3. Neuron (C) votes Yes. Neuron (A) does not vote. 33% No and 33% Yes in (A)'s following.
  4. One day goes by
  5. Neuron (D) votes Yes. Neuron (A) casts its vote. 33% No and 66% Yes in (A)'s following.
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