HTTPS Certficate Error

Hi Everyone,

Today I’ve encountered an error with expired SSL Certficate for, and

When looking at certificate it says it has expired today at Tue, 11 Jan 2022 11:52:37 GMT

Do others have this problem, or just me?

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I seem to have problems too… Checking…

install canister --mode upgrade

error trying to connect: invalid certificate: CertExpired

Same for me; I think the foundation/devops should subscribe to site24x7 (or similar) and get warning for expiring certificates – on all production endpoints; It happened 3 months ago;

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fixed already it seems? Wowza

It’s fixed now , I have upgraded canister successfully.

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@diegop wrote back in October, "In the short term, we have corrected the systems which deploy the certificate, we are adding additional probes and monitoring to ensure quicker status updates and response and we will follow up with a post detailing how to access the Internet Computer without depending on the certificate to eliminate a “single point of failure”.

Hopefully the processes will mature as this platform evolves.

Plan, do, check, act - I think the check part needs strengthening.