Http status 503 no_healthy_nodes

Hi, there are errors when connecting to multiple canisters. Started recently. One error is 503 no_healthy_nodes, one is Internal Server Error.

Trying to connect to openchat doesn’t load and the following errors in the console:

Happening on other canisters too.

Error is still occuring or it was temporary?
I don’t get any issues when I open NNS dapp.

Its on and off, I checked again now, still occurring.

and OpenChat in the console it shows same error.

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Thanks for the feedback. I forwarded the information for visibility.

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Thanks @peterparker. Looks like it is working now. I can load the websites and call the canisters. I’ll post if it happens again.

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Great to hear! It may have been a hiccup due to some maintenance that was going on. My colleagues will investigate further.

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