Can't access ICP URLs via my wifi right now, is this common?

Running into widespread access problems right now. Can’t load NNS. Can’t load OpenChat. My deployed canisters (across various subnets) won’t respond. Internet identity isn’t loading.

Posting here for awareness and visibility.

No issue here. Tried both local network and phone carrier. Have you try on various networks?

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Interesting. Works with my phone carrier. And my wifi works (can browse anything on the internet except for ICP URLs). But my wifi won’t load NNS (or any other ICP URLs). I have Google Fiber. Checking some more on it.

For example the portal neither - i.e. dapps with custom domain as well?

Anyway given that it works on your phone, I guess it’s something with the network or network provider but, that’s totally out of my knowledges. Sorry cannot really help there.

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For anyone following along here, it appears I was temporarily blocked (10 min ban) by the boundary nodes. The network has been receiving many requests lately, some of which could be considered DDOS, so there are a few conditions where the boundary nodes block access.

I inadvertently triggered one of these blocks, which is why I couldn’t access ICP for 10 minutes.

These rules are still being refined so you never hit them as a normal user but it still prevents DDOS attacks.


Good to know that something like this is in place