Receiving '500 Internal Error' when attempting to login to the NNS

Is this part of planned maintenance that I have missed?

I’ve attempted to login from multiple sources, refreshing etc. but am still receiving this error.

Can anyone advise? :thinking:

I will advise everyone to stop refreshing the NNS dapp as this week’s sale proposal will not be accepted until the beginning of the new week (Tuesday or… maybe Monday - if DFINITY votes).


Yep, very annoying. I’m trying to disperse my staking rewards, and I cant.

Same here. Pls to check @frederikrothenberger

The team is looking into the issue. Bear with us please.


You can check the current system status updates here:

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It looks like the issue was resolved - any postmortem/idea what was causing it?


10 bucks says it’s the service worker. I’ve seen that thing get stuck in a loop a few times now.

I was seeing the 500 error for about 2 hours and trying to reach people while the status page didn’t reflect the problem.

What’s the correct way to report issues?

I don’t think so. 500 range is a server error.

When I could eventually log in I saw this:

There was an unexpected error while loading the summaries of all deployed projects. Server returned an error: Code: 502 () Body: <html>
 <head><title>502 Bad Gateway</title></head>
 <center><h1>502 Bad Gateway</h1></center>

Maybe boundary nodes?

That was a node issue which should now be resolved (proposal #93956).

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Just two nodes down caused these issues? Is there a fallback mechanism to hit any of the other 10-11 nodes in the subnet if 1-2 are malfunctioning?

Or was it a boundary node issue?

Asking me @justmythoughts? Honestly I don’t know more than that, just wanted to share the info as it was resolved.

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