HTTP Gateway Protocol Spec proposal

I have often and repeatedly complained here and otherwise that we have many canisters using the HTTP Gateway feature, and multiple implementations of a gateway (icx-proxy, as running on the boundary node, or on your own systems if you use icfront, and the service worker).

Given that community contributions will possible since last week, I felt compelled to stop complaining and start fixing this.

contains a suggested specification for this interface, including certification. Technical comments about phrasing etc. are welcome there, maybe the less technical chatter is better kept here.

I don’t have a easy link to a nice rendering of PRs, happy to help with that, too, though.

@paulyoung, can I invite you to review that PR too?

Hopefully we soon have an authoritative source of truths for this feature.


I added some comments. Great idea to put this protocol into writing!

Thanks for your good comments! Good to see such community collaboration!

So does this mean that StreamingCallback can be used, is there any demo code for reference? :grinning:

I don’t know if it actually works, but this code seems to use that feature:

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Thanks for doing this. It may take me longer than usual to review things at the moment. Thanks for understanding.