How to transfer Token Ownership to another person?

How do I transfer ownership for tokens that I have crated on the Internet Computer to another person so that then now become the one that controls these tokens?


I dont think this feature is available with ICP Ledger canister right now, because it only supports ICRC-1 stds.
ICRC-2 std has approve and transfer_from methods, after that you will be able to transfer ownership to another person.
I would love to see if there are any other ways, which i dont know.

You can just transfer to the new owner. Am I missing something here?

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I guess they mean the ownership of a canister.

BTW when ICRC2 & 3??? Been almost a year to complete a standard

To transfer ownership over a canister you can just replace controllers. E.g. dfx canister update-settings --set-controller <new controller>.

Both ICP ledger and the icrc ledger support ICRC2 by now, but you have to turn support on with feature flags when deploying. AFAIK the mainnet ICP ledger is supposed to have ICRC2 enabled in the coming weeks

I don’t know much about IRCR3 support since I haven’t talked much with the people responsible, but I know they didn’t forget about it

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Sweet, thanks again :slight_smile:

I mean, we created a token - so we want another person who created the token to have control over it… for example: John created a token on IC called JPTOKEN - and now we want to let Jane control those tokens… whats what i meant

In that case you can either add Jane as a controller, then both have control, or you can replace John with Jane as a controller, and then only Jane has control


We have been working on the ICRC3 standard for a while. It is coming along and is fairly close to approval. Our meeting was canceled this week due to vacations and business trips. Things move slowly when you only meet every two weeks, but we’ve also ended up in a very different place with far more considered by moving slowly than if we’d knocked it out in a couple of weeks. More on this soon and what ICRC3 gets right.


and what is ICRC3 ? and what is the difference?

Got ya. thanks man -

ICRC3 is a standard for retrieving the transaction ledger on-chain from other contracts or from your DAPP if you token doesn’t support Rosetta. We are trying to make one standard that is expandable without having to change types in the future as it maintains the longevity of code. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use it for ICRC7/8 (NFT standards) as well without significant modification.