I want to transfer ICP and ICRC-1 standard token using code (anything, if it's rust, it's good)

Hello, everyone!

I am making simple project that transfer ICP tokens or ICRC-1 standard from one account to another.
It should be worked like this: when we get specific event, it sends ICP tokens or ICRC-1 standard token to others.

Is there anything similar to private key on ethereum wallet so that I can transfer from specific account to other only using code?

We can transfer tokens/ ETHs from one account to another using wallet private key, web3.js.
I want similar operation on Internet Computer.

And is it possible to transfer using something such as security key?

If anyone knows about it, please let me know.


Any ‘identity’ functions as a private key. The string that represents an identity is an encoded public key. The most common ways to get an identity in the browser is either through an identity provider like Internet Identity, or by connecting a wallet

Absolutely, but you need something to turn your key into an accepted identity. dfx supports some (Nitro keys I think), and I know that Ledger devices can transfer/stake ICP

Thank you a lot.

I am making simple backend canister that can transfer ICP or ICRC-1 standard token when getting some event from elsewhere.
Can canister transfer ICP or ICRC-1 token from personal wallet to another?

Is there any solution?

Your requirements can be easily addressed by creating a Canister on the Internet Computer.
This canister can hold ICP or any NFTs, tokens, such as ICRC-1 for example.

  • Deposit ICP or tokens into it using the Canister ID or Address ID.
  • The next step involves inputting a list of recipients, including Account ID or principal IDs, along with the desired quantities to be sent.
  • Write a piece of code to distribute the specified amounts accordingly. Additionally, you have the option to schedule the distribution for automated execution.

You won’t need to use your private key or share any of your information. When you create a canister, you become the manager of that canister. No one can interfere with your data. This is the power of the Internet Computer.

If you’re still unsure about the tasks at hand, feel free to DM me. I’ll provide detailed support, but only Motoko language :smile:

Hi, @Fern.N

Thanks for your help.

By the way, what I want to ask is that if canister can transfer other canister’s / wallet’s ICP or ICRC-1 token to another.

Of course, canister can transfer ICP and token from self to other.

Yes, canisters on the Internet Computer can interact with each other and transfer ICP or tokens like ICRC-1 to another canister or wallet. You can write some function and allow canister B accept call from canister A or from your wallet…