How to set up a private network? Where can I find the documentation

I want to set up a private network, but I can’t find the documentation,

Hey @eddy

By network, do you mean a subnet? There’s no way to create your own private subnet.

I mean I want a copy of the Dfinity network,Perform NNS governance by yourself

Good question @eddy

I think the harsh truth of the current status is a combination of the following facts:

  1. DFX (the SDK) comes with a local replica (1-node setup) that has a “mini IC” inside your laptop (I do not believe that satisfies your intent, but I am building up from the basics).

  2. I could be wrong, but I believe a very savvy person could read the IC code and set up a subnet, but I believe that we need to spend time documenting to make it a reasonable effort. I do not think it is currently a reasonable effort or ask for a developer to have to set up a subnet by reading the code.

  3. I actually wrote the README in the open code, but it practically only goes as far as compiling the code. I did not get enough time to go any further in documenting.

  4. It is our intent to continue to make these things not just open, but easy to read, legible, setup. Being intellectually honest, I think we have more work to do here.

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