Are private subnets live?


I’ve been reading about Dfinity and the concept of “private subnets” which leverage secure computing hardware on the nodes in order to provide a secure execution and storage environment intrigues me, as it opens up a lot of possibilities that are not possible on a more traditional, open, blockchains like Ethereum.

Are these private subnets live today? Can I deploy a canister to a private subnet and be confident that the data I store on it can only be accessed via functions I expose, even if the node is malicious? If so, are there any examples of how to deploy to these private subnets? If not, is there a roadmap for when this feature will be available.



Hi crag,

This makes use of secure enclaves on the nodes and is being worked on, but it’s still a little further down the line. There will be more details coming.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll keep my eye out for future announcements.

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