How to run canister on public network?

by default :
change[“bind”: “”,] to [“bind”: “”,]
local access is normal.
remote access :

An error happened:
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘digest’ of undefined
at u (
at c (
at ()
at Object.t.requestIdOf (
at async (
at async r.retrieve (
at async _loadJs (
at async _main (

I think the issue is because is not considered as a secure context and so your browser doesn’t load the SubtleCrypto API ( ), while http://localhost (or is considered as secure.

try typing isSecureContext in the webconsole, if it returns false it means that you need to serve this endpoint via SSL


This URL ( ) can be opened local machine,Not on other machines.

This is not considered as a secure context for your browser

I’d advise to run a local reverse proxy (mitmproxy or nginx ) that points to this ip address.

mitmproxy -p 8999 --mode reverse:
# access http://localhost:8999/?canisterId=....

Or serve your endpoint behind TLS/SSL

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Hi, I have to reply 3 times here before I can post, so…

That’s fine. Thank you very much!