How to get the account of a neuron?

Operations on neurons.
1, generate address(382…45) and memo(167…14) by a tool.
2, Stake ICP to create a neuron.
3, query the neuron information by get_full_neuron method and return:

  variant {
    Ok = record {
      id = opt record { id = xxxxxxxxxx : nat64 };
      account = blob "\ab....8b";

My problem is that the “account” of this neuron is Ledger Account?
I want to transfer ICP to this neuron, but it returns that the Checksum of this account is not correct. How do I get Ledger account of the neuron?

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It is not the ledger account, it is the subaccount relative to the governance canister’s state. But I’ve faced the problem before as well, and here’s how you can convert it: convert the blob string into a plain hex string (note that it’s a combination of escaped hex and ASCII characters, so it’s not trivial), and then run:

echo $HEX | for line in $(cat); do RAW=`(echo -n 0a | xxd -p -r; echo -n account-id; echo -n 00000000000000010101 | xxd -r -p; echo -n $line | xxd -r -p) | shasum -a 224 | sed -e 's/ *-//'`; CRC=`echo $RAW | xxd -r -p | crc32 /dev/stdin`; echo $CRC$RAW; done

and that should output the account hex string.
The script can handle multiple lines at once that’s why it’s a bit more complicated.