How to get internet identity anchor number while use " dfx new identity test1 " to create an acoount?

I m like an ape in Space Odyssey. got no clue.

I don’t think that’s possible. The Identity you are creating using II is totally different from sdk identity you are creating using dfx command.

if so . how can I possibly recovery from recovery phrase?

since recovery phrase need 25 words.but I don’t have the first one .which is anchor number

What do you want to recover?
When you create dfx identity, it creates a .pem file which is used for recovery, not phrase. And when you create Identity using II it asks you to save phrase which can be used for recovery.
I dont think you can mix these two.

i got it . so use dfx create identity dont actually need to use recovery phrase. i will carefully store the .pem file correctly .
thanks a lot . It really helps !

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But If I want to use the motoko playground to issue a Http Outcall, that needs cycles, but If I have the numeric identity to login with, how can I create cycles there?