Transfer ICP from another account

Is it possible to transfer ICP from the Binance account to an account created on a local dfx node?

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Can you clarify exactly what you mean with local dfx node?
If you mean by that your developer dfx account you can issue command
dfx ledger —network ic account-id
And you will get your account id that you can transfer to from binance.
Not 100% sure with the syntax of this command though but you can look it up easily.
Also always try to transfer with a smaller amount first.

Thanks for the reply @coin_master. What I mean by local dfx is that I created a wallet and principle inside a local docker container since dfx cannot be installed on a windows system. When I try to transfer ICP to my wallet address it says something similar to cannot find my wallet address. I’m not sure why is that.

I have not tried this, but in theory this should work, because I can transfer from my NNS Wallet some ICPs to my local developer account-id.

Why I could not send some ICPs from a different wallet to my account-id which represents my as a developer on the ledger.

Maybe someone else can confirm this?

I did a short diagram to illustrate this, see the image.


I think that you could try using Virtual Box with Ubuntu installed instead of going the docker route, or even install Ubuntu along with your Windows on the same PC and then just use Ubuntu while doing ICP dev? Would make things much easier imo than fiddling around with docker. Not sure of dockers inner workings and if wallet created on it would actually be the part of the network itself or kind of live inside of the docker container.

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Thanks all. I could transfer the ICP from Binance into my account as @coin_master said. Thanks again for the help :+1:.

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