How to export the Internet Identity


Would like to know the export capabilities of dfx identity

Tried the below command but failed

dfx identity export identityname > exported_identity.pem

Below is the error message
error: Found argument ‘export’ which wasn’t expected, or isn’t valid in this context

If you tried to supply export as a PATTERN use -- export

dfx identity [OPTIONS]

For more information try --help
Thank you

dfx identity export <identity name> was only added in dfx 0.10.0. It looks like you haven’t upgraded yet. If you run sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL", you will install 0.10.0. Then it should work.

Thank you. Will my previous will all works ?

For example if i have a web canister and motoko canister will they will get affected by the dfx upgrade.


In general, everything should still work as before. If you look at the release notes, you can see for yourself if there are any breaking changes between your previous and the latest version.

In any case, if something breaks, you can always re-install a different version.

Ah, maybe this is relevant for something you want to do: Cannot remove identity directory


ok Thanks alot Severin. Can i DM you i want to ask you few things

of course, but it may be quicker if other people are also allowed to reply


Feeling shy to ask about the rewards plan for staking ICP on neurons.
I DMed you already.