How to check which canister I topped up cycles to?

Hi I’m dev from DFinance, we got a feedback from a user who claimed to topped up 46 ICP worth of cycles to our DFCT token cainster(canister id: lf23w-ciaaa-aaaah-qaeya-cai), but the canister cycles balance is only about 40 trillion, 46 ICP would generate much more cycles than that.
I checked the user’s account on, there is indeed one 46 ICP transaction, how do I check which canister did the transaction topped up to?

Did you try deriving all the cycles minting subaccounts for your known canister IDs, and seeing if one matched 0d004b1b71dcbb5fe5a0142132a0e4f91d726b34da1dac44683e9cf29b94f612?

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try.