Lost all my cycles when deploying to the network

Finally got to send my icp to developer account.

Then turned them into cycles for my canister.

But get an error saying it wasnt enough (needed 11T cycles) but i had 22T cycles

Now i only have 0.9T cycles and a non deployed canister.

What the hell is wrong with this system.

11T is the default amount, you should specify using --with-cycles 2_000_000_000_000 to onlybuse 2T cycles. It’s also per canister, so if you have a frontend and backend canister it would use the specified amount x2 (or 22T if you use the default).

The cycles are in the canisters, minus the 1T creation fee so each canister will have 10T each.

Furthermore, if theres an error saying you dont have enough it sounds like it was trying to create a 3rd canister.


Hi @colothbrok we bumped the default down to 4T in the most recent release of the SDK 0.7.2. As @stephenandrews mentioned it takes around ~1T to create a canister, and we provided a default of 3T cycles to keep the canister up-and-running for a bit of time. You can also use the --with-cycles flag Stephen mentioned to specify a lower amount as needed. Sending you a DM now regarding your lost cycles!


Thank you for all the helpful information and resolving the cycles issue. I appreciate your quick responses and time spent assisting me.


@alexa.smith @stephenandrews since the default was changed, is it possible to withdraw cycles from the canister back into the cycles wallet?

Yes, you need to update the canister code, which cantains a function that call actor("your wallet").wallet_receive() with Cycles.add(amount).
For more info: