How to become an IC developer from 0 to 100?

So this might be a dumb question but I still wanted to get some advices from people working in IC develops.
I am currently studying in second year of my University. I would like to learn knowledge about developing on IC, there is thing like Motoko playground and some documents about it…However I found it hard to understand and digest.

I have studied some basic of Rust/C++ in the past, and I am informed that I could use Rust on IC developing directly,but I kind of confused with how to deploy my code(for example a little calculator) on IC?

Is there any sequences of learning ,like tutorial videos or practice question bank…but it’s about developing skills on IC?

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Check this out - has tutorials and documentation

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I made a list of resources for getting started with motoko that could be of help to you Getting started with Motoko · GitHub

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This playlist is also a great way to get started:
It contains the recordings of workshops made specifically for beginners that would like to participate in Supernova.