How do you update an actor and front-end

Hi you can point to the docs and say it probably says how to do this but I’m for whatever reason not doing it right. so I have the basic counter app and it works fine. I change the increment in the actor from +=1 to +=2 and then what is the correct procedure?. I try dfx canister install --all --mode upgrade and dfx build. Then i simply refresh my page with same cainistor id and nothing changes. Then if i do it again it changes. Is that the correct way? Also playing around with stable to get the values remembered to new version.

scratch that I just did it backwards.
dfx build

first then

dfx canister install --all --mode upgrade

If you’ve made code changes then run dfx build before dfx canister install yes.
You should be able to see a web page with Query and Call buttons on it (the candid interface). Clicking increment’s Call button and then get’s Query button should show the value is changing?