Upgrading derivative canisters

If my canister spawns a new canister by instantiating an actor class, how do I upgrade that derivative canister? It won’t necessarily be in my dfx configs. It will be out there on the network somewhere and I guess I can catalog the canister ID in my original canister. If I end up with a bunch of these and need to upgrade the actor class of that canister, how do I do that? Am I going to have to pull the list and do some command-line scripting where I have to update my .json files?


I am interested in the same problem. How are you spawning derivative canisters now?

I interested too.
Do you solve it ?

Is there some answers?

My understanding is that you have to do it with the management canister. You literally have to push the wasm to the canister via dfx or some other method. I think dfx has a 1MB limit on the command line. I saw some chatter on the discord about it and I’m fairly sure someone is working of solving the problem a bit more elegantly.


install_code : (record { mode : variant {install; reinstall; upgrade};

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