How do I set a hot key for my neurons?

I have an air-gapped device that holds the keys to my neurons. I want to add a hotkey with limited permissions so I can manage them online.

What is the call I need to make?


Would be especially helpful to manage the voting process for all 49 neurons if you are a seed investor.

Untested command below but it’d be something like this:

On the airgapped machine (please excuse the single line of code):

dfx canister --network --no-wallet sign rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai manage_neuron '( record { id=<neuron_id>; command=variant{ Configure=record{ operation=variant{ AddHotKey=record{ new_hot_key=<hot_principal> } } } } } )'

Then on the networked machine:

dfx canister --no-wallet send message.json

You can find the types needed to construct this and others like it in the governance.did Candid file here:

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As shown below, the hot key is a key for webAuthn which is built into the smartphone. I would like to try to set it. I would like to try to set it up, if it is not too easy?

Add Hot Key
Add a new hot key that can be used to manage the neuron. This provides an alternative to using the principal’s cold key to manage the neuron, which might be onerous and difficult to keep secure, especially if it is used regularly. A hot key might be a WebAuthn key that is maintained inside a user device, such as a smartphone.