How Dfinity is rapidly losing credibility

To be fair - peer projects in the ICP realm like Solana have as well.

Regulation will just make it worse.

“I don’t understand how people are losing faith in my project when I don’t bother to answer anyone’s questions. Why might that be?”

‘Geniuses’ at work.

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Its been like two?-ish months since “genesis,” several posts with the same rough topic, and we haven’t had any official responses. The premise and “promise” of this tech is amazing and I’m all for supporting the IC, but dfinity unfortunately doesn’t seem to be returning the favor to the community. At least give us a statement on this stuff, Dominic.


'Because I dumped my own token to oblivion for profit ', probably?

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I hope you guys realize this forum is for developers to discuss how to build applications. Please go to and file a ticket if you need technical help in accessing your tokens.


I believe the project has a lot of potential and in time will evolve into an active, vibrant ecosystem supporting services that run the gamut with respect to what is made available on ICP- that being said, there is no question the roll-out has been as bungled as the pullout of Afghanistan we are currently witnessing- and looked just as unfortunate. It didn’t do them any favors with the community, that’s for sure, and this is seen in how the community interacts with social media and in other forums. Hopefully Dfinity is able to “wow” them back into their graces and put this whole event behind them, but that seems like a tall order at moment.
Once $ICP does return to previously seen levels though, I’m willing to bet much of the griping and expressed dissatisfaction will subside some. If it doesn’t do well in the second-leg of this bull-run though, it could further demoralize the community and make the job of getting $ICP in the top-ten that much harder.
I support Dfinity and their vision/mission however and very much hope they can put the FUD to rest - SOON! :slight_smile:

True. I hear things like “censorship of the internet? no, thank you”

Seems like people aren’t only angry about the way it went live, but have also shifted the way they see the project as a whole.

This radio silence doesn’t help either. Te team should be on the forums communicating, answering questions, just being transparent and normal. But the way they are acting makes it seem like they either are doing something shady or just don’t care about the community.

Look at this from the perspective of the community: They raised over 200 million USD. and now the whole token launch. Now they can’t afford to be passionate enough about the project to spend some hours on the forum talking about it?

To reach success, a company needs more than just a good product nowadays. This new generation is fed-up with companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon. They want companies that listen, talk, help change things. Companies that talk through the forum, not through lawyers and PR teams.

There is no faster way to love the trust of people than hiding behind development walls.

At least the leaders of the project should be on the forum regularly, listening to what people are saying, understanding user’s fears, answering questions and showing passion for the project and a vision that makes followers believe in it.

This is not something you get by hiring some PR trainee and asking him to post news on reddit a few days per month. It has to be done by those that have the passion and the knowledge to have these conversations.


I was wondering if you are still around kton and how you do see the IC project 12+ months later? thank you.

Well, nothing change since then. Will be the same in one year.

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Dude you are talking trash , because of motive. What is your motive?
You are trying to call we bad rep for Icp.
Your questions are bullshit, shows you are an idiot and don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

You got screwed by Sam bankman FTX.
that’s what happened