Token standard, ledgers, and explorers?

Hey everyone,

Been trying to read through the token conversations but I’m so behind I figure I would just make a post.

What is going on with the icrc token standard? Is the standard giving us a scalable ledger with an explorer for free? The current example in the dfinity repo is not production ready.

If I need to make a token right now do I still use dip20? What are the ramifications?

Will ckbtc be icrc standard? Is the SNS using ICRC ? Does it have a transaction explorer somewhere ? Will all the icrc tokens share an explorer like every other blockchain?

What is going on? I need to write code and it seems the ground is moving underneath us.

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ICDevs did a bounty(funded by DFINITY) for a motoko ICRC1: GitHub - NatLabs/icrc1: A full implementation of the ICRC-1 fungible token standard. It hasn’t been audited yet but seems to be functional. I’m hoping to do some more testing of it. I should have complete archiving of transactions and a built-in rosetta server.

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Looks like it’s missing the icrc2 methods, it’s pretty cool though

SNS-1 appears to be: ICSCAN

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Watch the skies! …(min chars)

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