How can icp be prevented from entering a death spiral?

I have two questions

  1. Selling pressure on seed rounds.
    2.Nodes are rewarded by issuing additional tokens in fixed dollars.
    I guess that would be the result
    1.At current icp prices, seed round investors are still 100 times better off,Seed round unlocking will last for another three years,I can’t predict what will happen in the future, but I am worried.
    2.Node’s reward issuance is inversely proportional to the coin price,The higher the coin price, the less additional issuance, the lower the coin price, the more additional issuance.
    To sum up, please give your opinion and let me dispel the pessimism about icp

I’m personally not worried of anything of the sort. Figured I’d link this for you, though: Plans to stop death spiral due to node rewards?

Anyone else can add insight, but figured you’d like to see a similar thread.

If the number of nodes increases in the future, individuals, enterprises and organizations can participate in the node, it will be a large sum of additional issuance.
In the future, tokens can be issued. Can node organizers issue their own tokens instead of icp bonus issuance?
Or node rewards can issue rewards with a fixed amount of icp instead of binding to a fixed dollar。
Forget it if we don’t issue additional servo-driven nodes in the future.
Node organizers issue their own tokens and then become autonomous.

I have a very controversial idea. It might seam bold, risky and super innovative. Hear me out:


Additional thoughts:
Current state is, the network is a ghost chain. and dont tell me we have 250 apps when these apps do not contribute to the ICP burn. You could also build those apps without a blockchain and most already exist somewhere on the internet.
And no if you build on the IC your currently not building on a decentrralised network. The nodes are centralised in the US and Europe. The understanding in crypto of decentralisation and the term used in school books about the nature of network systems are very different, specially on the political side of things.

So whats the point of the ICP project in general? Why not just use AWS wich can handle all the load. There is no need for a second centralised internet on a blockchain.
No one in the crypto community outside of the existing ICP community is talking about the ICP project. If they do its bad talk about how VCs ripped everyone off etc (ICP slipped from Place 3 to place 46 currently on coinmarketcap). We need to get these people on board. To get there the project must build neat stuff that people want to use and in general think thats pretty cool.
Bunch of high degree hot heads in the ICP team who think they’re so smart but cant seam to get a basic understanding of what the market needs imo.


No matter how good your technology is, they will not be willing to participate at a loss due to the wrong tokennomics.

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