Plans to stop death spiral due to node rewards?

I saw somewhere when the price of ICP drops below a certain price is it $3 ? It will become a death spiral due to node rewards … I hope dfinity team is starting to think about it .

Not your fault for repeating it, but this is a meme which is massively overblown in my humble opinion. Node rewards are very far from a significant percentage of ICP minted by NNS (rewards are still much greater percentage) so minting more node rewards does not affect circulating supply meaningfully. The person who said “$3” was Kyle Langham in a post where he meant well below $3 (to show it was something well below the market price), and not meant to be read as “$3 and then things go badly.”


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Is there any formula or mechanism to calculate the balance between inflation and deflation for ICP? when is it possible to strike a balance between ICP reward=ICP burn??

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