Sustainability under 3$/ICP

@diegop, since @Kyle_Langham made à calculation in which he was saying he wouldn’t worry about of a death spiral until ICP reach $3. caused by the nodes rewarding, are we supposed to draft a proposal to pay for a while nodes with $ rather than with ICP if the bear market goes until there ?

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Logically speaking, I cannot discount anything you heard from an unknown source since I do not know who that is so i cannot address second hand rumors.

I can however provide the inverse: first hand source.

I can say that I, Diego, have never ever heard of anything like this from any Dfinity team member… and i personally know every manager and hundreds of team members at Dfinity (and 90% of Dfinity alumni).

I will let readers decide.


I will have better answers once I publish my post next week on node providers rewards, but I can say two things:

  1. I do not think we are near any timeframe near danger

  2. I have different conclusions than Kyle because I have some technical information that I do not think he has (indeed we ve been digging around for a while). I know Kyle and we talk often, and I share data when I get it, but I want to make sure my numbers are solid before publishing.


Great. Thanks for your answer. Look forward to reading you coming post.

I really doubt that any kid in your playground has been officially hired as a DFinity employee

To be clear, I didn’t say that a node reward death spiral would begin at ICP at 3 dollars, but that i wouldn’t even worry about that scenario until $3.


I edit my post. And add your original statement : « In order for the Internet Computer to enter a node reward death spiral, either the IC would need to increase nodes by a factor of greater than 10 or the price of ICP would need to hit levels below $3 ».

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