Holder of large amount of ICP? (22MM)

First off, this is not a topic made out of concern but utter curiosity. It’s regarding a holder of a large amount of ICP (about 1/9 of the current market cap).

If you visit Accounts | ic.rocks and sort by descending amounts you will see him.
The massive holder in question -
Account 609d3e1e45103a82adc97d4f88c51f78dedb25701e8e51e8c4fec53448aadc29 | ic.rocks

You can see none of this balance has been staked in neurons or even moved since being withdrawn from Binance. And speaking of Binance, you can see how much supply shock these withdrawals caused to their exchange wallet, they now hold only 124k ICP and dropping.

Binance wallet (it held several million ICP before) - Account d3e13d4777e22367532053190b6c6ccf57444a61337e996242b1abfb52cf92c8 | ic.rocks

I guess my main questions/point of discussion is this:

  1. Does anyone know who this entity with the 22MM ICP is?
  2. Is there concerns if this entity staked some of this balance in an actively voting neuron?

It’s probably Binance’s cold wallet