I lost control of 3 anonymous canister cycles. Do I lost my 12TC?

Hi everyone. When I followed some tutorial to deploy canister, had many fail. Nobody can imagine the time I spent to try to solve this.
My first goal is I would like to get back my cycles in these anonymous canister into the main Balance. But I only succeeded to send cycles from Balance to Anonymous Canister, but I don’t know how to get them back to see it again in the balance.

dfx wallet --network ic balance
0.91 TC (trillion cycles). (had 3 TC but I sent some of them in the anonymous canister during some commands tries…

Tis is from the default identity I use.

I tried many thing… create a new identity with the anonymous canister id:

dfx identity set-wallet 26wbe-4yaaa-aaaal-XXXXX-cai --network ic

But I got the error :

Unable to access the wallet: The Replica returned an error: code 3, message: “IC0302: Canister 26wbe-4yaaa-aaaal-qbica-cai has no query method ‘wallet_balance’”

I can only run this command with the principal canister (the one I use as browser url to see the anonymous canisters).

I spent about 5 hours only to try to solve this. I don’t find anyway to take control of these anonymous canister from the terminal.
I hope someone could help me. Thank you.

I finally found the solution here :