Gatsby frontend broken after dfx upgrade

I followed Kyle Peacocks tut on static site generators…

All was working until I upgraded dfx to 0.8. Now I’m getting a build error when deploying

Can't resolve 'dfx-generated/contacts' in Actor.js

I’ve tried building the frontend then deploying the canisters, and tried deploying the canisters then building the frontend.

I’ll update that post today, thanks for the heads-up. The issue requires an update to the webpack configuration, which you can read here, or just wait for me to update the guide

That’s great, thanks Kyle. Loving your tutorial series by the way

Okay, I’ve updated the post and the GitHub - krpeacock/ic-vcf-gatsby: Contact card demo app with Internet Computer backend reference code

Cool thanks.

On your readme, shouldn’t it be “dfx deploy --network=ic” ? not “npm deploy…”