Questions around dfx.json and request for improved dfx.json docs

Hey folks!

Can anyone provide more clarification around the dfx.json specifications?

Specific questions are:

  1. What are all the potential canister types and how do they all function?
  2. Where can I see how the assets canister type functions and read more about the dependencies and source arguments
  3. How can I learn more about the assets pipeline on assets type canisters. eg. if I wanted to replace the front end with a Gatsbyjs front end or frontend, how would I use that assets pipeline for the frontend instead of the default assets pipeline in the hello example?

Also if the docs are open source, shoot me a link and Iā€™d love to contribute clearer dfx.json docs once I get answers here.



Planning to dig into the source code when I get a moment. But if anyone gets to this first, any pointers or even links to relevant source code would be awesome!

For anyone else who reads this, this seems to mostly explain the dfx.json config.


I also spent some time exploring locally and wrote up this article which explained most of the questions I had. Hopefully it help you also!