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I just found the project delastic-search. But seems there is no update since May 2023. Is there any project like this that open-source?

Or any example that use this delastic-search

Tagging @hankbrigham who created delastic-search and has used it for a few apps for SciNet.

Thanks for the tag @jennifertran

@baolongt there is an example in the repository found here

If you follow the readme you can boot up a full stack application with a working and seeded canister (see readme for example). Please follow the readme to learn how to use delastic-search in your own application. It’s pretty simple, and involves creating a search canister in your application that your other canisters feed data into. Then the search canister can be queried from your front end or another canister.

SCINET uses delastic-search to search for projects and organizations and it works well. There might not be any modifications in the last year but the repo is still maintained. If you find an issue or want to learn more please let me know.

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But how it gonna scale if my data is huge? There is no mention it in docs

Great question, and the answer is that it does not scale. This is an alpha version of the software. Scalability was a big question mark surrounding the building of the package but I felt that initial performance was more important. To truly make this scale you’d need to incorporate something like CanDB to provision new canisters when necessary and write a very sophisticated hashing algorithm as well as a sophisticated search algorithm.

How much data are envisioning needing to be searchable?

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No just a little over engineering

Not sure what you’re pertaining to here. Setting it up is pretty simple. It’s well documented and there’s example code