Frontend for tungsten hello world example not working

FYI, running through the on-boarding steps in the email work fine for cmd line request to the hello world example, but trying to load the frontend at does not work as suggested in the documentation

Hi @markieta! It looks like you may have used the ID that is created for hello instead of hello_assets. Can you give it a try with the other canister ID and see if that works?

Hey @alexa.smith, double checked I am using the hello_assets canister ID. For what its worth, I checked the hello canister ID via the browser as well and got this result:

I can confirm that the instructions sent out via the Tungsten onboarding, which do not include prerequsite information about nodejs or any other platform, will not give you a working frontend portal. I tested the instructions on a new debian VM and it produced these results. However, if I install nodejs on the VM, dfx picks up the nodejs environment and the resulting application has a working frontend portal.

If this is the expected outcome, please document it, and include in your distribution of instructions for new developers.

Thanks for spotting this markieta! It is an omission in the onboarding docs then, the team will take a look.

Thanks for the feedback here @markieta. These pre-reqs are covered in our main docs here, and in many cases, developers onboarding to Tungsten have already worked with the SDK locally. We’ll be sure to add this to the Tungsten instructions going forward. Thanks again!


Of course, no worries! Have a great day!