Force-Lock Seed Investors’ Neurons for 8 Years

If you genuinely spend over 10 seconds trying to empathize with those early investors who took a risk and spent previous years building their network & reputation to be in a position of an early investor in ICP, and came up with the conclusion that they’d react like you suggest then I personally think your judgement is questionable.

We would have eight years to decide what to do. Maybe we could lock them forever.

It’s a terrible idea. Don’t mess with people’s assets. They did nothing illegal that require the whole community to judge and punish them.

Use NNS wisely, not for own self gain. I will definitely vote against this.

Maybe we could make a proposal to gather legal funds to lock you up in jail instead for trying to steal people’s money, you delusional clown.

Make the proposal then.

There’s palpable anger here. Why so upset? It’s simply a proposal, and it appears that “no” will be the victor here. Are you angry that retail investors want price action to reverse? Or are you just upset that you’re scheduled to unlock in a few months and this could interfere with your dumping millions of ICP into the market?

Regardless, we all know this won’t pass; retail investors simply don’t have the voting power of the “old money” seed investors.

This is a sarcastic post and a sarcastic proposal if you guys still haven’t noticed.

What he is trying to prove is whoever thought of unlocking all seeds neurons at once is a moron. If they could try to do that why can’t he suggest locking all up for 8 years .

Stop poking noses into other’s wallet’s, adhere to code and be a decent human being in general, end of thread.
Crazy how this steaming pile of feces of a thread has blown out to 50+ replies in 1 day, the stench is unbearable, clean it up.

I think I touched a nerve bros is rejecting proposal 87478(locking seed neurons) for a number of reasons, most specifically that it violates the principle of non-coercion. We’d be more than happy to consider new incentive-based reasons to encourage these neurons to #8yeargang.


Hi @smaug I voted YES on your Known Neuron proposal @smaug but I voted NO on this proposal #87478.

I support more good faith debates in ICP, even when I disagree. Thank you, Smaug for taking the time to share your ideas in good faith.

To be honest, the main reason I voted against THIS proposal is because I am very much a “dont do big things in complex systems” kind of guy. You could argue i am risk averse in tokenomics.

The idea of either locking OR unlocking any large amount of neurons changes the rules so much for my taste, that I would like to see some data or experiment to make sure it does more good than harm. I can come up with lots of stories where its good for the ecosystem and equally i can create stories where its bad, so I rejected this because “too rich for my blood.”

But I appreciate the good faith arguments. So i voted for your known neuron proposal.


I appreciate it. Thank you!

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I support the idea of reestablishing a good relationship with seed investors, for common sense, we want their ICP not only to stay, but to put that to work and be productive for the ecosystem.

I also believe in Collective Intelligence and that we can bring back investors trust with a reasonable plan and strategy for the IC to thrive, all we need for now is to move a side our personal interests and agendas for a greater good, after all we are all in this together.

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I will agree with this. Its the right step instead of proposals like immediate dissolve or locked for 8 years kinda changes.

However this would likely be dfinity’s role as I doubt anyone can just reach out to seed investors or even knowing who they are.

Why don’t we lock absolutely everyone for 8 years?

Also, make #8yeargang the only lock option for new NNS stakers, a-la CRV where it’s 4 years.

I’m half joking, but reward structure currently is too disproportionate between staking 6 months and 8 years.

Crypto is good neuron voted no on this cuz it be crazy


The main purpose of ecosystem participation is the pursuit of profit
Whatever the reason, it markedly killed the will of seed rounders to participate.
With 150x gains already, there will be little motivation.
Also, for developers, such an environment is considered harsh
Whose sacrifice are you asking for?
enoki must have thought the same
this is really important!
No angry by a simple price drop
I hate the current tokennomics that are unfair and classify investors.
I don’t know why my favorite icp has to have this distortion

I think that any decision to penalize an investor after the fruit of that investment has begun to benefit others, is a terrible decision. They took a risk in supporting DFINITY before the IC existed, so I have no desire to limit or change their reward for that risk.


everything must be determined by expression of free will. If you artificially lock up early investors’ neurons because prices fall, you can set a bad precedent for those who invest thereafter. And if you’re going to dump it, it’s better to dump it in a bear market like this. Forced lockdown will only exacerbate inflation resulting from compensation in the long run.
If the proposal passed and the price continues to fall, even though the seed investor’s neurons were forced to be locked for eight years, would you then force the general investor’s neurons to be locked?
I think it’s better to study how the public can move on to web3 than artificial measures.

It has been rejected, all. I am glad I spawned lots of discussion with this proposal! From increasing NNS security to protecting us from hostile attacks, to increasing seed investors’ participation and exploring limits to NNS power, this has been great. Thank you all for your participation and I look forward to further constructive engagement with the community.