Followers verses Unfollowers

It seems to be a topic that comes up a lot about followers not deserving and I would suggest that they are unaware that this site exists. I would suggest that a button be added to the NNS where Newbies can be directed to this site to become un-followers.

This I believe would help Newbies to understand issues and become more valuable as I believe as it was also my reason for staking because I believe in the project.

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Believe it or not, it seems that the IC developers always have more important things to do.

As a newbie, I learnt everything about ICP through,,, OpenChat, Twitter, and YouTube.

But that is only my case. I don’t know very much about other ICP investors.

Ic developers know only their world and don’t understand the newbie. I did find these links and they were useful for me to help me on my journey on this very important project.
Thank you kusyo

It is always difficult being a newbie in any field it takes time to understand the topic well enough to be able keep up with the developers

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